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What is BIM? What is it good for?

Our product is BIMCRONE, our job is to manage building projects.
First of all, I would like to start with what is Bim, BIM is not just a market name, in its clear form Building Information Modeling, in the Glossary of Sustainable Building Materials, “A set of technologies, processes for creating, managing and using information about the construction and project throughout the building’s life cycle. and politics.” has been defined as.

As you can see in the image, the process starts with the stages such as programming the structure and design, and goes through many different steps until its construction. Moreover, in the case of the restoration and management of the building, this process is run over and over again, and the need for data continues. (In this article, I will not specifically evaluate the current situation in Turkey, I want to go over what should be.)

Building Information Modeling (BIM), with its Turkish translation, aims to digitally trace the process of the building from the idea stage to the demolition stage. In this process, many different data need to be produced and managed.

The most important components of a building, architectural plan, business plan and cost-quantity information should be created and managed in digital environment. We started the development of BIMCRONE with the aim of following the effects of the changes in this data both within itself and on other building components, creating versions, managing them and presenting them to all stakeholders of the project in the most up-to-date way. With BIMCRONE, it is possible to monitor, manage and report the digital life of the project. As it can be understood from the CRONE (witch) part that we are inspired by, it allows you to get magical results such as 20% profit with the management you will make over the digital data of the building.

Building Information Modeling is not a software, technique or product, it is a way of doing business, digital projects that can be created with the help of software, techniques and / or products and their collaboration. Different levels of BIM have been defined by different institutions. You can see these levels in the image below. I will explain these levels in detail in a different article.


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