Is the use of BIMCRONE suitable for international contracts?

International BIM standards are accepted in foreign tenders and BIM 2 level is mandatory in specifications. BIMCRONE is BIM 3 level. It meets the BIM standards and includes additional features.

Which file types does BIMCRONE support?

BIMCRONE is compatible with IFC file types. It works integrated with file types such as Revit, Primavera, Excel, MsProject.

What is BIMCRONE's target audience?

BIMCRONE appeals to companies in the medium and large scale construction sector. Our main customers are contractors in the construction / building sector and architectural / technical offices

Who is developing BIMCRONE ?

It is being developed by BIMCRONE AS., a dynamic and energy-efficient company that aims to stay up-to-date by following developments that are closely interested in all applications of technology,and continues its presence in the software sector with its customer-focused creative projects.

How can I get technical support ?

You can contact us via our e-mail address ” ” and phone number in the contact section. Our professional team will always provide you with technical support.

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