Innovative Player in the Construction Sector: Data Reporting and Analysis with BIMCRONE

Innovative Player in the Construction Sector: Data Reporting and Analysis with BIMCRONE   The construction industry is a continuously evolving sector, and keeping up with these changes is critical for the success of companies. BIMCRONE is an innovative platform at the forefront of this transformation, offering unique advantages, especially in data reporting and analysis. In […]

Considerations When Creating a 3D Project Drawing

  The following are the key points to be taken into account by the author responsible for design tasks while developing 3D projects to be used in Design, Construction, and Operation processes, in order to ensure the healthy execution of BIM processes:   During the design process, design software that allows export in IFC file […]

7D BIM: Sustainability

7D BIM: Sustainability   Sustainability is a concept that is used quite frequently today, but is not always understood correctly. The concept of sustainability is to use resources in a way that does not harm or endanger the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It’s about finding ways to live and prosper […]

Considerations While Doing Revit Modeling

Considerations While Doing Revit Modeling Compliance with BIM (Building Information Modeling) standards while modeling Revit ensures that the model is created and managed accurately and effectively. BIM standards ensure consistency and efficiency among all stakeholders throughout a project. In order to model in accordance with BIM standards, it is recommended to pay attention to the […]

Revit or AutoCAD: Which is best for you?

BIM Usage of Highway Projects

There is currently steady and growing use of innovative digital technologies to design and construct capital highway projects and to monitor their condition and performance. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is gaining rapid acceptance in several infrastructure industries, including highway transportation. In general terms, the earlier a decision is made in a business process, the greater […]

Which Types of Projects Do We Encounter Frequently in the Construction Industry?

There are 4 types of projects that we see during the construction of a building. These are static architectural mechanical and electrical projects. The purpose of the architectural project is shaped by considering the wishes of the building users. The purpose of the static project is to make the architectural project in a way that […]

What Makes BIMCRONE Different ?

When we look at the construction sector, inefficiency is almost tangible and visible. According to statistics, the rate of inefficiency in construction projects is 47%, and the rate of projects with delays is around 60%. Even for a relatively small building, the data collected over its life cycle can be, as you can imagine, a […]

How BIM Can Help In Project Management?

Project management is not an east task, but BIM is here to help from planning phase to delivery. Cost evaluation, delay analysis and more are less time-consuming

Levels of BIM

We mentioned that the goal with Building Information Modeling (BIM) is to prepare and sustain the digital twin of the building. There are two different categories for determining the BIM status of companies and projects, sizing and leveling. I will touch on the size issue in another post, this post is about leveling. So what […]

What is BIM? What is it good for?

Our product is BIMCRONE, our job is to manage building projects. First of all, I would like to start with what is Bim, BIM is not just a market name, in its clear form Building Information Modeling, in the Glossary of Sustainable Building Materials, “A set of technologies, processes for creating, managing and using information […]

Digital Twin of Life