BIMCRONE provides detailed reports not just for your company, but for all of your stakeholders. Thanks to BIMCRONE’s powerful authorization features, you don’t have to worry about data security, BIMCRONE will provide all the reports according to the user profiles.

Get accurate & real-time insights from BIMCRONE’s powerful reports. Reporting was never this easy!

BIMCRONE’S Cockpit screens were designed for industry experts by industry experts. They contain only necessary data.

  • Accurate & real-time reporting
  • Cockpit screens & reports that designed from industry experts
  • Data security with detailed permissions

Subcontractor Management

  • Set access privileges to each subcontractor to manage its process separately
  • Allow each subcontractor to display the relevant components of the 3D model and reach information according to its access privileges
  • Ensure that confidential processes are carried out in a secure manner for all stakeholders

Document & Note Collaboration

Documentation is crucial, we know it. BIMCRONE associates all necessary information with related building elements in the 3D plan. This way you can effectively acquire or track documents when you need them.

Thanks to BIMCRONE’s powerful authorization features, you don’t have to worry about data security, users can access only the files that they have authorized.

  • Access from everywhere with state-of-art cloud technology 
  • Documents and Notes with 3D plan associations
  • Data security with detailed permissions

Digital Twin of Life


Ready for Temporary / Permanent Acceptance

  • Assign responsibles for the process of temporary and permanent acceptance in BIMCRONE
  • Manage and monitor acceptance processes transparently and seamlessly

Easy Handover

Thanks to BIMCRONE’s state-of-art cloud technology, all of your project’s data is always accessible to all of your stakeholders. After completing a building phase all you need is to revoke authorizations from one stakeholder and then give permission to another.

Your project’s data is always in your control, all you need to do is set permissions for your stakeholders.

  • State-of-art cloud technology 
  • Built-in Processes according to openBIM 
  • Data security with detailed permissions

Quality assurance

  • Ensure all processes and decisions meet your quality standards
  • Reflect your understanding of quality to all processes managed and monitored by all stakeholders and provide a unique understanding of the quality standards

Inspection management

With BIMCRONE inspection processes is child’s play!

Thanks to its predefined workflows, the inspection process across your project will be handled easily. When the status of a job is set to ready for inspection by workers, inspectors will be automatically warned and an inspection task will add automatically to their to-do list. Only the inspectors can set a job status to “completed”.

  • Predefined inspection workflows
  • Easy to use screens for inexperienced users
  • Works with online/Offline connection

6D BIM Sustainability

We need our Earth for our health, happiness and well-being. Unfortunately, the construction industry is one of the most damaging to the environment. We can change this.

BIMCRONE helps designers, and constructors to create environmentally friendly buildings with its 6D BIM compatible features. With BIMCRONE you can calculate the total carbon footprint of Digital Twin of your project. By comparing alternative materials you can design low carbon footprint buildings.

  • Design environment friendly projects
  • 6D BIM compatible

7D BIM Facility Management

BIMCRONE will gather all the information necessary to maintain your building from the beginning of the construction till the end. After the construction phase, BIMCRONE will hand over all the necessary documents such as 3D MEP plans, all the technical specifications, and warranty conditions of devices that were installed during the construction to the firm that will manage the facility. This way you won’t have to worry about finding documents or contact information of the warranter firms anymore.

  • Easy hand over from construction to facility management
  • Data warehouse for all the necessary information for facility management

Don’t wait start using BIMCRONE right away!