User based pricing causes minimal user license purchase with cost concerns, and companies buy only the necessary amount of license to meet the project requirements. This situation causes the sharing of information to be limited to a certain user profile.

Since we designed our licensing terms according to the BIM logic, there is no user limit in BIMCRONE for a project. Since we have designed our license terms to provide maximum information sharing according to BIM logic, BIMCRONE has no user limitation within a project. In this way, you will be able to make the most of BIMCRONE by instantly sharing the information with the relevant people in accordance with the BIM mentality. Sharing the instantaneous flow of information from the field to management and vice versa will save you the huge costs of reconstruction work and the time and labor costs spent on reporting.


  • Simple Licensing: Single license for a project with unlimited legal entities.
  • Unlimited Users: Unlimited users and unlimited stakeholders to increase collaboration and maximize communication.
  • Unlimited free 24/7 support services: We provide unlimited support to all of our customers. 
  • Cloud-Based Platform: BIMCRONE stores your data in the cloud, thus all the stakeholders can access real-time data when they are online.
  • State-of-art information security: BIMCRONE is for everyone. BIMCRONE is compliant with the latest information security standards to secure your data. So everybody can access the project data according to their permissions.  
  • Offline access: You can work offline when you are online sync all the changes, and continue to collaborate.

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