Take control of your project
4D & 5D BIM management features

Project profitability and on-time delivery depend on accurate and timely decisions. It’s possible to check that the tasks in the project are according to the plan and that the tasks competed with the targeted quality with experience; but experience alone is not always enough to keep a project under control. It is essential for the office and construction site teams to be in constant communication and to be at the same level of knowledge for the correct functioning of the decision mechanisms at all levels in the project.

Right Decisions with Real-Time Data and Reports

BIMCRONE ensures real-time information flow between office and construction site teams. This way, construction site teams are instantly informed of a change made in the office, and office teams are instantly informed of a change made in the field. Incorrect productions at the construction site will be minimized, and planning, calculations, and reporting in the office will be based on real-time progress and information. Thus reworks are reduced and the productivity and profitability of the entire project are maximized by planning with accurate progress reports.

  • Schedule Reports
  • Note Reports
  • Cost-Quantity Reports
  • Delay Reports
  • Executive Reports

Digital Twin Of Life


Increased visibility with Visualized Planning

BIMCRONE creates digital twin of your Project. A digital twin is a virtual representation that serves as the real-time digital counterpart of a physical object or process. With digital twins you can compare your progress with the plan and estimations.