5 D BIM Cost Management

    • Provide accurate cost planning in real time at all stages of the project.
    • Visualize budget planning in realtime.
    • Simulate the budget planning.
    • Migrate the cost updates and create projections with updated costs.

Cost Estimation

  • Provide detailed and accurate estimation with updated expenses and schedules.
  • Manage updated costs for materials, subcontractors, revisions
  • Keep updated your estimation and compare regularly

Actual cost calculation

Documentation is crucial, we know it. BIMCRONE associates all necessary information with related building elements in the 3D plan. This way you can effectively acquire or track documents when you need them.

Thanks to BIMCRONE’s powerful authorization features, you don’t have to worry about data security, users can access only the files that they have authorized.

  • Calculate the calculation expressed as the ratio between a function and the overall cost of living for that function.
  • For each material, each operation or subcontractor and team
  • Create detailed value reports and compare.

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