Subcontractor Management

  • Set access privileges to each subcontractor to manage its process separately
  • Allow each subcontractor to display the relevant components of the 3D model and reach information according to its access privileges
  • Ensure that confidential processes are carried out in a secure manner for all stakeholders

Progress Tracker

  • Track daily, weekly and monthly progress to complete your project on time
  • Real-time progress updates: Allow site responsibles to share the current status of a task with the office
  • Monitor progress updates, inspection and acceptance process managed by each subcontractor seamlessly and transparently
  • Visualize and simulate progress in 3D model of your project

Delay Analysis

  • Instantly view the delays on your construction site.
  • See and evaluate when delayed items are delayed.,
  • Take precautions against delays.

IPC Management

  • Create progress payments based on your construction site progress.
  • You can make additions and deductions in these progress payments.
  • You can examine the quantities of the progress payments created.
  • You can examine the progress payments created in ancient times.

Digital Twin of Life