Track Jobs Easier with BIMCRONE

With BIMCRONE, your site teams will be informed about the ongoing, needs to start and to finish tasks without the need to prepare a separate report. Your teams can easily access which building elements to be made on the 3D plan, and which material will be used, and submit the progress information into the system instantly at the construction site. Acceptance processes are triggered automatically for completed jobs. Admissions officers receive notifications about the completed works through BIMCRONE and complete the acceptance processes with workflows that include statuses such as acceptance, rejection, partial acceptance. The completed works are reported in the progress reports, and the progress payments for these works are calculated automatically via BIMCRONE.

Minimize Your Rework Costs

BIMCRONE enables the decisions taken in the office to be seen on the construction site as soon as the business plan and design changes are made. Using the latest cloud technologies, BIMCRONE keeps all your data in a single common database, so a change made by the technical office is instantly shared with the construction site. With this level of coordination, wrong productions are prevented and therefore the correction costs that will occur are significantly reduced.

Record the changes made at
the construction site at the construction site

No matter how detailed planning is done, changes need to be made during production. These changes can be made on paper or verbally. BIMCRONE ensures that the pictures of these changes or the images of the minutes are permanently saved on the relevant building element on the 3D plan. In this way, irrefutable records are created that are free of any future disputes. These records help avoid conflicts.

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