Startupbubble included BIMCRONE among the innovative companies.

Startup Bubble News, a media outlet for entrepreneurs, innovators and startup enthusiasts, also included BIMCRONE in its news about innovative solutions. You can review the article to get more information about us with the accurate and brief information about BIMCRONE. “…BIMCRONE’s platform is a game-changer for the construction industry, empowering stakeholders with traceable digital twins […]

Nesrin Akın Oztabak’s interview with on BIM Technology and BIMCRONE has been published.

In our Founding Partner Nesrin Akın Oztabak’s interview with, the current situation of BIM applications in Turkey and the solutions offered by the companies in the field where they operate were examined. The subheadings of the interview are as follows: -Digitalization Process of the Construction Industry -What is BIM? How Did BIMCRONE Come About? […]

BIMCRONE Among 40 Startups Providing Earthquake Solutions

Hürriyet journalist Şenay Büyükköşdere conducted an interview with Prof. Dr. Attila Dikbaş, the General Manager of ITU ARI Teknokent, regarding earthquake solutions developed by ITU Çekirdek startups. In the interview, it was stated that following the earthquake on February 6, ITU Çekirdek startups volunteered to provide support projects and currently there are 40 earthquake solutions […]

BIMCRONE Is Qualified to Become an ITU Çekirdek Enterprise

The BIMCRONE software developed by Epikron Teknoloji, which was established with the support of Tübitak 1512, was accepted to ITU Çekirdek. BIMCRONE is a cloud software solution that makes all processes of a construction can be monitored, reported and managed with real-time data. BIMCRONE creates the digital twin of construction projects from the planning stage, […]

Webrazzi published an article about benefits of BIMCRONE

One of the most popular web news pages Webrazzi published an article about BIMCRONE ” … BIMCRONE can reduce costs by up to 40 percent Nesrin Akın Öztabak and Sinan Öztabak are the founders of BIMCRONE, which was established under the roof of Epicrone Technology and currently provides service with 7 full-time and 3 part-time […]

BIMCRONE’s investment valuation over 80 million tl published in Habertürk.

Habertürk, who took us under the spotlight on July 6, 2022, made the following news about our company. “The local startup BIMcrone, which enables real-time field management, cost-quantity tracking and project management with its technology that makes it possible to monitor all processes of a building through the digital twin, received an investment of 80 […]

BIMCRONE Met With Investors in NTV Ortak Broadcast

Nesrin Akın Öztabak, CEO of Epikrin Teknoloji, introduced their enterprise BIMCRONE in the NTV Ortak broadcast . Stating that with the BIMCRONE software they developed for the construction industry, they aim to make all processes of a construction’s planning, construction and operation stages can be monitored, reported, managed with real-time data, and to produce better […]

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