Written by BIMCRONE

BIMCRONE Is Qualified to Become an ITU Çekirdek Enterprise

The BIMCRONE software developed by Epikron Teknoloji, which was established with the support of Tübitak 1512, was accepted to ITU Çekirdek.

BIMCRONE is a cloud software solution that makes all processes of a construction can be monitored, reported and managed with real-time data.

BIMCRONE creates the digital twin of construction projects from the planning stage, construction and operation, facility management stages and makes it manageable with up-to-date data. It relates the created 3D architectural plan, schedule, cost-quantity data, maintains this relationship and records all the data produced during the project in relation to the building elements.It ensures that the data is kept up-to-date during and after the project and that the digital twin is protected.

BIMCRONE can show the revisions on the project during the design phase and all changes based on the building element as visual coloring and comparative list. During the construction phase, the status of the building elements can be changed on the construction site, notes, photographs, etc. files can be added and the information is instantly accessible to all relevant stakeholders.

With its detailed reporting module, you can get daily, weekly, monthly progress reports, as well as easily identify disruptions in the process and receive delay reports.

BIMCRONE allows the follow-up of planned, periodic works for facility management. In addition, maintenance and guarantee period allow documents to be followed on a single platform.

With BIMCRONE, it is possible to achieve a 20% increase in profit and a 35% increase in productivity. Considering the decreasing profitability rates in the construction industry,digitalization will be important in the future of the industry.

The BIMCRONE initiative, which was accepted as a result of long processes carried out in January, will have the chance to reach awards and investments with the Big Bang effect after the program process.