Written by BIMCRONE

What Makes BIMCRONE Different ?

When we look at the construction sector, inefficiency is almost tangible and visible. According to statistics, the rate of inefficiency in construction projects is 47%, and the rate of projects with delays is around 60%. Even for a relatively small building, the data collected over its life cycle can be, as you can imagine, a very big data. Monitoring and controlling such a volume of data is extremely difficult. The size of the problem increases exponentially in companies working on many projects at the same time. The solution to this problem with the common mind all over the world is digitalization. There are different software or software groups to create a common data platform in the industry and to offer a digital project management solution. BIMCRONE, which started its journey as an R&D project, attaches importance to differentiation while feeding from its valuable competitors. BIMCRONE’s value proposition has four competitive advantages that we want to offer as most important:

1-BIMCRONE considers the life cycle of buildings as a whole

By creating a digital twin of a project, BIMCRONE provides its users with up-to-date information with different functions that will benefit from the planning phase of the building, construction, operation, restoration and even demolition and recycling processes. Stores, reuses and recommends detailed data of the structure on a single platform.

2- BIMCRONE integrates the data and keeps it on the model


BIMCRONE makes it possible to view real-time information on a single platform, from material details used on each wall of a building, to delay reports, and even the percentage of construction progress at any given moment. When choosing any structural element on the 3D model, the quantity, timing, cost, etc. In addition to information, you can easily access corporate archive and projection data.

3-BIMCRONE executes the construction project in 360°


BIMCRONE is a collaboration environment. It allows the information produced by different teams to be accessed instantly with other teams depending on their roles and authorities. The data pool that can be accessed by contractors, design teams, field teams, audit teams, managers, technical offices and subcontractors provides a sharing environment. In fact, other stakeholders of the project such as public institutions, finance, insurance can easily access this information when necessary and follow the development of the project on the same platform.


4-BIMCRONE is user friendly.

BIMCRONE has the most user-friendly interface and makes it easy for team members with various technical backgrounds to use. It has various language options including Turkish. BIMCRONE works like a business partner, not just a software solution. It pays attention to knowledge sharing, experience transfer and joint development among the teams it works with.