Written by BIMCRONE

Which Types of Projects Do We Encounter Frequently in the Construction Industry?

There are 4 types of projects that we see during the construction of a building. These are static architectural mechanical and electrical projects. The purpose of the architectural project is shaped by considering the wishes of the building users. The purpose of the static project is to make the architectural project in a way that is not affected by the building’s transportation system. Then, mechanical installation and electrical projects come in accordance with this architectural and static project.

1-Statical Project


Static projects are made by civil engineers in accordance with architectural projects. Scales are prepared according to the structure and size. All floor plans, sections and details are calculated in accordance with the types of steel, masonry, reinforced concrete and similar structures.

2- Architectural Projects


Architectural project; It consists of the site plan prepared by the architects, all floor plans including the basement floors, the roof plan and at least two sections and a sufficient number of views, system sections and point details when necessary.

3-Mechanical Projects


A lot of work is required in order to prepare the mechanical installation project. The characteristics of the architectural structure should be taken into account by calculating the heat losses of application materials such as brick Ytong. In this context, it is expected that the mechanical needs of the building, such as heating and cooling, will be met with engineering merits.


4-Electrical Project

Electrical installation project; These are the projects that will meet the electrical needs of the building, prepared by electrical engineers in accordance with the architectural project, and the electrical internal installations for the strong and weak currents, the scales of which are determined according to the size and characteristics of the building.