Project Performance dashboard

  • Visualize and monitor project-level progress, milestones and completion percentages in real-time
  • Compare your schedule and actual progress of your project to decide the changes to be done to achieve your goals
  • Track KPIs, issues and trends over specific periods to identify project risks early

3D BIM 4D BIM Based Management

  • Integrate schedule into 3D model to visually plan and monitor your projects
  • Enhance coordination between departments to reduce inconsistency in interdepartmental works
  • Reduce unforeseen clashes, resolve conflicts and validate constructability by managing what-if situations with effective 4D planning

Field Management

  • Keep field team connected with the office in real time to make your project more productive and well-coordinated
  • Enable teams with an easy access to up-to-date information
  • Allow all stakeholders to access the most relevant modules and sections in your model

Progress Tracking

  • Track daily, weekly and monthly progress to complete your project on time
  • Real-time progress updates: Allow site responsibles to share the current status of a task with the office
  • Monitor progress updates, inspection and acceptance process managed by each subcontractor seamlessly and transparently
  • Visualize and simulate progress in 3D model of your project

Work Schedule Monitoring

  • Have an overview of which activities to be completed in a specified date
  • Look ahead to the next periods, analyze delays and plan your operations

4D BIM Schedule Tracking

  • Link schedule to 3D model and simulate it to visualize the workflow in your project
  • Compare schedule with actual progress in 3D model to mitigate the risk of delays

3D Model Integrated Documents

  • Directly attach essential documents to 3D model to provide a consistent way of sharing project data
  • Store and track digitalized form of documents such as submittals, RFIs, drawings, contracts and site photos with any file extension

Task Management

  • Set roles and responsibilities and assign tasks to site responsible, departments and subcontractors
  • Allow subcontractors and QA responsibles to manage inspection and approval processes
  • Monitor the history of status changes for each task in detail

Issue tracker

  • Report issues, safety notices and inconsistencies on-site
  • Update the status of issues and assign them to responsibles
  • List overdue issues and issues assigned to a specific responsible

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