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Webrazzi published an article about benefits of BIMCRONE

One of the most popular web news pages Webrazzi published an article about BIMCRONE

BIMCRONE can reduce costs by up to 40 percent

Nesrin Akın Öztabak and Sinan Öztabak are the founders of BIMCRONE, which was established under the roof of Epicrone Technology and currently provides service with 7 full-time and 3 part-time employees. Nesrin Akın Öztabak states that the product was implemented in a period of 5 years. They benefited from some ready-made infrastructures during development; Öztabak also states that they have been doing serious literature research throughout the whole process, and that they have benefited from the guidance of academic research, as well as the current pain points of the sector, especially for the roadmap, while developing BIMCRONE.

BIMCRONE can increase efficiency by 42 percent and profit by 20 percent. It can reduce costs by 40 percent with its use during the operational period. It should also be noted that the product was put into use after successful demo processes were carried out in construction companies. In 2022, the use of BIMCRONE in public projects is expected to become widespread.

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