Written by BIMCRONE

Nesrin Akın Oztabak’s interview with Emsal.com on BIM Technology and BIMCRONE has been published.

In our Founding Partner Nesrin Akın Oztabak’s interview with Emsal.com, the current situation of BIM applications in Turkey and the solutions offered by the companies in the field where they operate were examined.

The subheadings of the interview are as follows:

-Digitalization Process of the Construction Industry
-What is BIM? How Did BIMCRONE Come About?
-Use of BIM Technology in Turkey
-BIMCRONE’s Usage Areas and Solutions
-Advantages of BIMCRONE to Different Stakeholders
-BIMCRONE’s Activity Regions and Targets

For the full interview: https://emsal.com/bimcrone-ile-dijitallesen-insaatlarda-verimlilik-artiyor/