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Innovative Player in the Construction Sector: Data Reporting and Analysis with BIMCRONE

Innovative Player in the Construction Sector: Data Reporting and Analysis with BIMCRONE


The construction industry is a continuously evolving sector, and keeping up with these changes is critical for the success of companies. BIMCRONE is an innovative platform at the forefront of this transformation, offering unique advantages, especially in data reporting and analysis. In this article, we will examine BIMCRONE’s reporting capabilities.


What Is BIMCRONE, and Why Is It Important?


BIMCRONE is a platform developed to align with the priorities of the construction sector. Here are some reasons for the significance of this platform:


Data-Centric Approach: BIMCRONE centralizes and organizes real-time data generated at every stage of construction projects, significantly enhancing the data richness of the project.


Process Optimization: BIMCRONE can automate and optimize business processes, increasing project efficiency and reducing costs.


Decision Support: The platform provides project managers and stakeholders with the ability to make data-driven decisions, ultimately enhancing project success.

Data Reporting and Analysis with BIMCRONE


BIMCRONE offers powerful features to meet the data reporting and analysis needs in the construction sector. Let’s take a closer look at the data management and reporting capabilities of this platform:

Customizable Reports: BIMCRONE allows you to create project-specific reports, catering to the needs and responsibilities of each user.

Real-Time Data Monitoring: The platform tracks on-site construction data in real-time, enabling rapid issue identification and intervention.

Figure 1. Customizable BIMCRONE Dashboard for tracking project data in real-time.

Data Visualization: BIMCRONE can visualize your data using graphs and interactive visuals, aiding in better data comprehension.

Visual Delay Analysis:

BIMCRONE offers the capability to perform visual delay analysis in construction projects. This feature allows you to visually monitor project progress and identify potential risks in advance. Understanding where delays occur and their causes at various stages contributes to more effective project management.

Figure 3. Delay analysis filter.

Status Reports: Instant Visibility and Communication Convenience

Figure 2. Status filter for observing the current state of your project on an element-by-element basis.

BIMCRONE has the capability to present the project’s current status in the form of reports. These reports facilitate quick tracking of project progress for project managers and stakeholders, enhancing communication and control over the project.

Thanks to BIMCRONE’s reporting capabilities, you can efficiently manage all stages of your projects, securely share data with project stakeholders, and ensure the success of your projects.


Figure 4. Tables for comparing planned and actual project status in terms of finances, quantity, and personnel.


Figure 5. Progress tables customizable by subcontractor.


Figure 6. Comparable progress tables based on the baseline, calculated cost, and current cost

Manage your construction projects more intelligently by making data-driven decisions and stay one step ahead on the path to success with BIMCRONE!


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