Written by himes

BIMCRONE is one of the finalists in the Big Bang Start-Up Challenge 2021.

BIMCRONE managed to be one of the top 20 startups in the BIG Bang 2021 Start-up Challenge competition held by ITU Çekirdek. BIMCRONE founding partner Nesrin Akın Öztabak, who made the presentation, expressed her vision for BIMCRONE with the following words.

“I have a dream for a more sustainable World, and happier construction professionals. They are doing great jobs, managing huge projects, and building amazing things. as a BIMCRONE team, we are focusing on improvement. How we can improve the industry by reusing the experiences? How we can provide more collaboration for all parties. ? How we can optimize the teams, materials, and processes? How we can save the World? These are our focus points and I am proud to say that BIMCRONE can help with these problems.

It is possible to increase efficiency by 42% with digitalization solutions such as BIMCRONE. A solution developed entirely by our own team and developed from the experience of the industry. We believe that anyone who uses BIMCRONE in a project will never choose a less digital solution. As a software solution emerging from the Turkish construction industry, we will continue to grow and develop side by side, arm in arm with our customers, on the way to becoming a global brand.”