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Levels of BIM

We mentioned that the goal with Building Information Modeling (BIM) is to prepare and sustain the digital twin of the building. There are two different categories for determining the BIM status of companies and projects, sizing and leveling. I will touch on the size issue in another post, this post is about leveling.

So what is this leveling issue?

Leveling over BIM is measured by taking into account the fact that the information about the structure is in the electronic environment and the rate of working together of the teams.

BIM Level 0 :

It is the situation where there is only a 2D drawing of the structure and no digital content is produced or recorded.

There is no data sharing between teams. It is the case where all stakeholders follow the project components through paper outputs in separate copies (versions).

BIM Level 1 :

It is the level where the 3D drawing of the structure exists and limited data is produced electronically.

It is the scenario where there is no data sharing between the teams and the team/stakeholders follow the project information through their own copies.

BIM Level 2 :

3D architectural plan, business plan, etc. of the building. It is the situation in which information about the structure is produced, stored and tracked electronically.

It is the method in which data sharing between teams is done with transferable file types. Any updated data is transferred to all stakeholders via e-mail, ftp, server, etc. There is no simultaneous sharing of information between teams.

BIM Level 3 :

It is the situation in which all critical information such as 3D architectural plan, business plan and cost-quantity from the components of the building are electronically produced, stored and followed.

It is a complete collaboration between teams. It is the state of producing the same data in a complete integrity and together, where all teams can see the same data in its latest and updated form from the same environment.

This level is called openBIM, it is the ideal and top BIM level.

BIMCRONE is a solution that provides service at BIM 3 level, with the ability to access the digital contents of the structure from a single environment. With its mobile version, it allows to receive construction site data instantly, and to integrate all data with cloud infrastructure. It allows all users, from the construction site to the technical office, from the contractor to the top management, to access the same data with different authorizations.


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