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How BIM Can Help In Project Management?

Project management is not an east task, but BIM is here to help from planning phase to delivery. Cost evaluation, delay analysis and more are less time-consuming

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BIMCRONE’s investment valuation over 80 million tl published in Habertürk.

Habertürk, who took us under the spotlight on July 6, 2022, made the following news about our company.

“The local startup BIMcrone, which enables real-time field management, cost-quantity tracking and project management with its technology that makes it possible to monitor all processes of a building through the digital twin, received an investment of 80 million TL from the investment fund NeXT Proptech and Neo Portfolio.

BIMCRONE was founded by Nesrin Akın and Sinan Öztabak, one of the ITU Çekirdek initiatives, enables real-time field management, cost-quantity tracking and project management with its technology that makes it possible to monitor all processes of a building via digital twin..

According to the statement made, to get instant information about how many people are working in the field today, which building element was manufactured at which price, which material loss rates, which subcontractor, and how much material/budget will be needed in the next week/month/year, through the model created with BIMcrone. possible.

With the system that records method/model changes in the field and market price changes, 4D and 5D simulations and projections can be made. The Saas working platform transforms the construction industry with different functions in the planning, construction, operation and demolition processes of the building.

Stating that the investment received will be used in product and business development, Nesrin Akın, one of the founders of the initiative, said, “The great benefits obtained by the studies carried out by taking the entire life cycle of the projects on the digital twin While developing this in the Turkish market, on the other hand, England and Europe. We will also take our first steps for the market.”

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BIMCRONE is introduced in 6th UNECE International PPP Forum

BIMCRONE founding partner Nesrin Akın Öztabak took part as a speaker at the panel organized by the United Nations European Economic Forum in Spain to discuss the importance of digitalization in the construction industry in terms of World resources. In the panel where ideas were exchanged for a less damaging and more efficient construction sector, the speech of the founding partner Nesrin Akın Öztabak was appreciated.
“We dreamed and developed BIMCRONE to be beneficial to our country and our world. Today, We are happy to be a part of the Earth-saving mission team, and being a part of the transformation of a very big and powerful industry such as the construction industry that harms our Earth. “

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BIMCRONE is one of the finalists in the Big Bang Start-Up Challenge 2021.

BIMCRONE managed to be one of the top 20 startups in the BIG Bang 2021 Start-up Challenge competition held by ITU Çekirdek. BIMCRONE founding partner Nesrin Akın Öztabak, who made the presentation, expressed her vision for BIMCRONE with the following words.

“I have a dream for a more sustainable World, and happier construction professionals. They are doing great jobs, managing huge projects, and building amazing things. as a BIMCRONE team, we are focusing on improvement. How we can improve the industry by reusing the experiences? How we can provide more collaboration for all parties. ? How we can optimize the teams, materials, and processes? How we can save the World? These are our focus points and I am proud to say that BIMCRONE can help with these problems.

It is possible to increase efficiency by 42% with digitalization solutions such as BIMCRONE. A solution developed entirely by our own team and developed from the experience of the industry. We believe that anyone who uses BIMCRONE in a project will never choose a less digital solution. As a software solution emerging from the Turkish construction industry, we will continue to grow and develop side by side, arm in arm with our customers, on the way to becoming a global brand.”

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Levels of BIM

We mentioned that the goal with Building Information Modeling (BIM) is to prepare and sustain the digital twin of the building. There are two different categories for determining the BIM status of companies and projects, sizing and leveling. I will touch on the size issue in another post, this post is about leveling.

So what is this leveling issue?

Leveling over BIM is measured by taking into account the fact that the information about the structure is in the electronic environment and the rate of working together of the teams.

BIM Level 0 :

It is the situation where there is only a 2D drawing of the structure and no digital content is produced or recorded.

There is no data sharing between teams. It is the case where all stakeholders follow the project components through paper outputs in separate copies (versions).

BIM Level 1 :

It is the level where the 3D drawing of the structure exists and limited data is produced electronically.

It is the scenario where there is no data sharing between the teams and the team/stakeholders follow the project information through their own copies.

BIM Level 2 :

3D architectural plan, business plan, etc. of the building. It is the situation in which information about the structure is produced, stored and tracked electronically.

It is the method in which data sharing between teams is done with transferable file types. Any updated data is transferred to all stakeholders via e-mail, ftp, server, etc. There is no simultaneous sharing of information between teams.

BIM Level 3 :

It is the situation in which all critical information such as 3D architectural plan, business plan and cost-quantity from the components of the building are electronically produced, stored and followed.

It is a complete collaboration between teams. It is the state of producing the same data in a complete integrity and together, where all teams can see the same data in its latest and updated form from the same environment.

This level is called openBIM, it is the ideal and top BIM level.

BIMCRONE is a solution that provides service at BIM 3 level, with the ability to access the digital contents of the structure from a single environment. With its mobile version, it allows to receive construction site data instantly, and to integrate all data with cloud infrastructure. It allows all users, from the construction site to the technical office, from the contractor to the top management, to access the same data with different authorizations.

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What is BIM? What is it good for?

Our product is BIMCRONE, our job is to manage building projects.
First of all, I would like to start with what is Bim, BIM is not just a market name, in its clear form Building Information Modeling, in the Glossary of Sustainable Building Materials, “A set of technologies, processes for creating, managing and using information about the construction and project throughout the building’s life cycle. and politics.” has been defined as.

As you can see in the image, the process starts with the stages such as programming the structure and design, and goes through many different steps until its construction. Moreover, in the case of the restoration and management of the building, this process is run over and over again, and the need for data continues. (In this article, I will not specifically evaluate the current situation in Turkey, I want to go over what should be.)

Building Information Modeling (BIM), with its Turkish translation, aims to digitally trace the process of the building from the idea stage to the demolition stage. In this process, many different data need to be produced and managed.

The most important components of a building, architectural plan, business plan and cost-quantity information should be created and managed in digital environment. We started the development of BIMCRONE with the aim of following the effects of the changes in this data both within itself and on other building components, creating versions, managing them and presenting them to all stakeholders of the project in the most up-to-date way. With BIMCRONE, it is possible to monitor, manage and report the digital life of the project. As it can be understood from the CRONE (witch) part that we are inspired by, it allows you to get magical results such as 20% profit with the management you will make over the digital data of the building.

Building Information Modeling is not a software, technique or product, it is a way of doing business, digital projects that can be created with the help of software, techniques and / or products and their collaboration. Different levels of BIM have been defined by different institutions. You can see these levels in the image below. I will explain these levels in detail in a different article.